Zoo's Stunning Lantern Festival, Missing Student Mystery, and More - Check Out What's Happening in St. Louis!

Zoo's Stunning Lantern Festival, Missing Student Mystery, and More - Check Out What's Happening in St. Louis!

A lantern festival like no other has taken root at the St. Louis Zoo, illuminating the night with over 60 magical Chinese lanterns. “Animals Aglow” invites visitors to marvel at larger-than-life glowing animals and interactive light displays featuring flora and fauna.

A new missing person case has investigators on edge, as University of Missouri student Riley Strain vanished without a trace. Surveillance footage captures his last known whereabouts near Second and Church Streets, leaving authorities puzzled about his disappearance.

A fire at Riverbend Apartments displaced two residents, but firefighters swiftly contained the blaze to prevent further damage. Meanwhile, Marson Foods celebrates the grand opening of its new baking facility in Hazelwood, signaling a major expansion in production capabilities.

A controversial proposal for an early childhood center has divided a community, sparking debates about sports fields, traffic, and student safety. While parents express concerns about potential negative impacts, proponents tout the educational benefits such a facility could provide for young students.

Tragedy strikes near Rose Mary Johnson Jennings Junior High School with the fatal stabbing of a young boy, sending shockwaves through the local community. State politics also make headlines as House Speaker Dean Plocher testifies before the Ethics Committee, addressing a filed complaint against him.

New developments emerge in the search for missing fraternity trip attendee Riley Strain, as surveillance video and 911 audio shed light on the investigation. A hit-and-run incident in the Grove neighborhood and a call for public help to identify a suspect firing on a MetroBus add to the mix of news making waves in the area.

Lastly, the Ethical Society of Police initiates a free 10-week pre-academy training program for aspiring law enforcement officers to prepare them for a career in the field. The local community remains on high alert as various stories unfold, shaping the landscape of current events in the region.