Remembering Blue: Saying Goodbye to a Beloved Cougar

Remembering Blue: Saying Goodbye to a Beloved Cougar

A Farewell to Blue: Remembering a Beloved Cougar

Blue, a cougar who had called Stone Zoo in Stoneham his home since he was a cub, passed away on Saturday. Despite months of battling seizures, the 9-year-old cougar was responding well to treatment. However, his condition took a sudden turn for the worse, forcing the zoo to make the difficult decision to euthanize him due to the frequency and severity of the seizures.

The loss of Blue is deeply felt by Zoo New England President and CEO John Linehan. He described Blue as an incredible presence at Stone Zoo ever since his arrival as a young cub. Over the years, countless guests had the privilege of watching Blue grow and develop, forming a deep love and connection with him.

In 2014, Blue found himself alone in Idaho, weighing just 5 pounds and in need of a permanent home. Fortunately, Zoo New England's Stone Zoo provided him with that home. Blue made his public debut at just 10 weeks old, captivating visitors in the zoo's nursery before being transferred to his permanent habitat.

Blue's habitat was located in the Treasures of the Sierra Madre section of the zoo. His dedicated zookeepers delighted in seeing him roll around with pumpkins and revel in the scents of ginger and pumpkin spice.

One person who played a critical role in Blue's journey was Pete Costello, Assistant Curator at Stone Zoo. In 2014, Costello traveled all the way to Idaho to bring Blue to Massachusetts. He shared his fondness for cougars, particularly their aloofness, which made Blue even more endearing. Costello expressed his sorrow over Blue's passing, acknowledging how much he will be missed not only by himself but by everyone who had the privilege of knowing him.

Blue's presence at Stone Zoo left a lasting impact on both zoo staff and visitors. His memory will live on, reminding us of the preciousness of every creature's life and the importance of cherishing and protecting our wildlife.

Rest in peace, Blue.

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