Grass Fire Near Zoo Miami Causes Spectacular Scene - Watch the Intense Video!

Grass Fire Near Zoo Miami Causes Spectacular Scene - Watch the Intense Video!

Flames and Smoke Fill the Sky near Zoo Miami

A grass fire near Zoo Miami in Southwest Miami-Dade caused quite a spectacle on Sunday evening. The fire broke out in a grassy area, leaving locals amazed.

A resident in the area, Yarelis Pavon, described the scene as filled with smoke and fire. She witnessed firefighters arriving in their large trucks to combat the blaze.

Pavon captured the intensity of the fire on video, showing how it grew dangerously close to homes and causing panic among residents. The situation was nerve-wracking for her and her family as the fire persisted for a long time.

Miami-Dade Fire Rescue responded swiftly to the emergency, using a significant amount of manpower to contain the flames. By nightfall, they had achieved 85% containment, thanks in part to aerial support from a fire rescue chopper. The chopper strategically doused the flames from different angles.

Thankfully, there were no injuries reported and no damage to homes. However, it was a tense day for families living in the affected area.

Pavon shared her concerns about the fire moving closer and how her sister had called the police to ensure they were handling the situation. The firefighters assured them that they were. She was worried about the fire reaching their house or damaging their cars.

Authorities are currently assessing the aftermath of the fire and investigating its cause. Residents are relieved and grateful for the efforts of Miami-Dade Fire Rescue in preventing a potential disaster.

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