Experience the Magic of Wild Lights at Riverbanks Zoo: A Holiday Event Like No Other!

Experience the Magic of Wild Lights at Riverbanks Zoo: A Holiday Event Like No Other!

Wild Lights: A New Holiday Experience at Riverbanks Zoo

The Riverbanks Zoo & Garden in South Carolina has transformed its annual Lights Before Christmas celebration into a brand new experience for 2023. Introducing the 1st annual Wild Lights, this holiday event is unlike anything you've ever seen before.

Instead of traditional Christmas lights, the entire park now showcases over 60 handcrafted lanterns. These lanterns take the form of endangered, extinct, and mythical animals and plants. They are larger than life, 3D images that come to life and interact with visitors.

Visitors to Wild Lights are in for a treat. According to Matt Perron, the Public Relations Manager at Riverbanks, there is something incredible to see no matter where you look. The lanterns create a magical atmosphere that is unique to this event.

This innovative lights show was inspired by a handful of lanterns that were set up at smaller events throughout the year. Watching the joy and amazement of zoo-goers, Michael Collins, the Event Manager, knew that Wild Lights was the way to go for the holiday season.

The lanterns themselves are handcrafted by Tianyu Arts and Culture, who came all the way from China to build them. Their impressive size has left visitors in awe, and the success of the first Wild Lights has already sparked discussions for next year's show.

In fact, the Zoo and Tianyu are already brainstorming ways to make the 2024 display even more dazzling. Collins reveals that they plan to bring a wide variety of new lanterns every single year.

If you don't want to miss out on this enchanting holiday experience, make sure to visit the zoo on select nights from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. until January 14, 2024. It's an opportunity to see the handcrafted lanterns up close and be immersed in the magic of Wild Lights.

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