Columbus Zoo Faces Major Delays at Wildlights Event: What Went Wrong?

Columbus Zoo Faces Major Delays at Wildlights Event: What Went Wrong?

The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium faced a major issue during their Wildlights event this past weekend. Visitors experienced a significant delay in leaving the zoo, with some waiting for hours. The zoo's president and CEO, Tom Schmid, acknowledged the problem and mentioned that requests for additional support from the Delaware County Sheriff's Office were not fulfilled.

Due to the lack of special duty officers, the zoo employees had no authority to direct traffic on Powell Road or Riverside Drive. Schmid expressed the zoo's commitment to preventing such situations in the future by reviewing internal changes and collaborating with local community partners and agencies.

This is not the first time visitors have encountered long wait times when leaving Wildlights. On December 2nd, over 23,500 people visited the zoo, and similar delays were reported. The zoo is actively working to address this issue and find a solution.

Wildlights at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium will continue until January 7th, 2024. Visitors can read the zoo's full statement on their Facebook page.

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